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Angstrom Liquid Minerals

Our minerals are:
Cell Ready, Ionic Minerals, and Water-Soluble Minerals

Cell Ready = assimilated into the human cell, not just the blood stream
Ionic = possesses an electrical charge
Water Soluble = angstrom sized minerals in an aqueous solution

Angstrom Liquid Minerals

We offer Angstrom Liquid Minerals which is NOT a MLM company. These Liquid minerals are the most "useable" form of minerals on the planet. Angstrom Minerals are 99.9% absorbable. That means that they enter the cell on contact. Other forms of minerals are beneficial, but must pass through the entire digestive tract before the benefit can begin and then only small portions of these mineral forms can be used by the cell because of their structure. When you see a mineral like calcium carbonate, you must understand that there are carriers or agents that get the mineral into the body. It is like a pickup truck carrying the food to market. You want to eat the food only, not the whole truck, steel and all. So why would you eat forms of minerals that have so much baggage attached?

Angstrom Liquid Minerals are unique! The special process used infuses the mineral into pure water. Thus it is a "Mineral Water". Water as the carrier, which your body always needs, and pure mineral in angstrom form or size. In comparing minerals, you must first find out what kind they are, Regular, minerals in pick up truck carriers, Colloidal or angstrom size. Then you can compare each mineral in the proper category and the PPM (parts per million for liquids) or MG ( Milligrams Weight) it contains. 1500 PPM Angstrom Size is a lot better than 1500 mg in a tablet or capsule. So you see, the more mineral your body can absorb from a smaller dosage, the less it cost for the mineral.
More MINERAL for your Dollar!

Our Liquid Minerals are Angstrom Size. You cannot make these at home. Some places sell "make Your own colloidal silver kits". They will not make this quality of mineral. They are Colloidal Mineral size, not angstrom size. So what does it mean. It means 1500 PPM of a colloidal mineral is not as useful as 1500 ppm of an angstrom mineral. You Must compare apples to apples.

So what is angstrom? Lets put it in the common guys terms. It is tiny. Small enough to enter the cell with out being digested. If you hold it in your hand, the cells of your hand can absorb it. Try holding your food all day and see if you get full. You won't, it has to be broken down by digestion. Angstrom is the size of a ray of light. The smallest thing around. I have seen some minerals claim to be 10 angstroms. That is better than colloidal, but not as small as one angstrom- Angstrom Liquid Minerals.

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