Real Minerals Do NOT Taste Like Chocolate! Return Policy

Product Returns

Angstrom Minerals are the highest quality minerals on the market. We do not add fillers, sugar or other garbage to our minerals. Each mineral does have a distinctive taste and is a pure mineral in water. We cannot accept returns because you do not like the taste, or because it does not taste like chocolate. If it taste like chocolate, you are wasting your money.

It is a flat out lie that chocolate has health benefits. Any benefits are out weighed by the negative. If chocolate has health benefits, then so does manure. But that is another story.

Don't Be Fooled By Trick advertisement!

Because health is such a complicated issue, we cannot recommend, diagnose, or guarantee that one single mineral will solve all of you health problems. There are no magic bullets to health. You must practice sound nutritional advice.

By FDA regulations and due to the ease of contamination:

All Sales are final.

We have listed the ingredients, and tried to describe the taste of each mineral. If you feel uncomfortable with the ingredients or do not understand them, please educate yourself before purchase. You must decide if it fits you nutritional style or program.

We cannot accept returns for any reason. Please be a responsible buyer. If you have doubts or don't want our product, Please do not buy it. once shipped, all shipping cost are lost. Shippers will not refund our money and so we cannot refund your money.
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