Real Minerals Do NOT Taste Like Chocolate!


Healthshop101 Q&A


  • Q: How and where are the Angstrom Minerals made?
  • A: We obtain products from several different manufacturers who produce their product here in the USA. The process in which these products are produced is proprietary information and is not shared.

Expiration Date

  • Q: Do the minerals have an expiration date?
  • A: Nope! There is not an expiration date on the Angstrom Minerals. The white sticker on the bottle is the date of manufacture.
    • Vitamins, Gummies, and other Supplements may have an expiration date.
Care After Opening
  • Q: Is there special care for my minerals? Do they need to be refrigerated?
  • A: There is no special care required after opening your Angstrom Minerals. No need to refrigerate unless you prefer to take your minerals cold.
    • The only suggestion we make is that you do not drink directly from the bottle. It is best to pour into a cup or spoon to take your supplements to assure your product does not become contaminated.

Preservatives and Added Ingredients
  • Q: Are there preservatives in the Angstrom Minerals?
  • A: There are no added preservatives to the Angstrom Minerals. The only ingredients in each bottle are the minerals specifically listed on the bottle, bonded with reverse osmosis water.
  • Vitamins, Gummies, and other Supplements may have additives so reading the label carefully or calling us to double check before purchase is always a good idea.

Recommended Serving
  • Q: How much of each mineral should I be taking?
  • A: We are not doctors or healthcare providers and cannot prescribe, recommend, or advise customers how to use the products we have available on our website. The Recommended Serving printed on the label of each bottle is a maintenance serving. Every person's deficiency and symptoms of deficiency will be different. Customers are expected to make educated decisions on the supplements they choose to purchase, whether it be vitamins, minerals, or essential oils. Healthshop101 will not be liable for customer's use of the products purchased from Healthshop101.

  • Q: What do the minerals taste like?
  • A: Every mineral has it's own unique taste. There are no added flavors to any of the Angstrom Minerals. REAL minerals do not taste like chocolate.

Mixing of Minerals
  • Q: Can I mix minerals with other minerals? Can I mix minerals with beverages to make them taste better?
  • A: There are some minerals that should not be mixed with other minerals, such as silver. It is best to take the minerals as they are distributed in the individual bottles. If you are going to mix minerals with other liquid, it should be mixed to drink - not to store. Many customers have mentioned adding their minerals to water, juices, fruit/green smoothies, and protein drinks.

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