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Get the Blood Support you need with Blood 3 + Vitamin C


When you look at Angstrom Iron you will see that it comes with Vitamin C. This is because many minerals need helper minerals or vitamins to be absorbed better. Many minerals have a companion mineral. Some examples are Calcium and Boron. Iron and Copper.

I am sure most people know that they need iron for strong blood. But did you know that Iron needs Vitamin c to be absorbed? And copper needs Iron to function well. Copper, Iron, & Cobalt are essential for healthy blood.

In taking mineral supplements, you should want the most absorbable mineral for your dollar. Tablets and capsules are less efficient. Liquid minerals offer a better solution. But not all liquid minerals are created equal. Angstrom Liquid Minerals are the smallest minerals on earth. A little science will show you that angstrom minerals are even smaller than today's popular colloidal minerals. Yes, in mineral values, SIZE DOES MATTER!

Insufficient amounts of copper, iron, &cobalt can lead to anemia. This happens when lack of copper slows the production of hemoglobin and then the blood cannot do it's job.

Long term use of oral contraceptives is one of the leading causes in the upset of copper balance. Either high or low copper counts can lead to health problems. Low copper leads to poor iron usage. High copper can be found in those who have mental problems.

Angstrom Minerals Blood 3 + Vitamin C is a balanced ratio of Copper, Iron, Cobalt and Vitamin C to help support healthy blood.


Anemia support

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