Real Minerals Do NOT Taste Like Chocolate!

How We Came to be.

About Healthshop101


  • Are you committed to a lifestyle of wellness and well-being?
  • Have you found that proactively managing your health is simply the best way?
  • Do you prefer natural healthcare practices for you and your loved ones?
  • Do you seek to know more so you can make key decisions about your health?
  • Are you looking for reliable information to help you solve an existing health problem?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are in the right place!

Healthshop101 believes wholeheartedly in protecting your wellness. When it comes right down to it, without our "health," it's pretty darn hard to do all the other things in life we were meant to do. And yet, so many people take this precious gift for granted...only to find one day that it has been compromised, or worst of all that it is gone. 

Our doctors gave penicillin for everything, as most doctors do. I learned that these drugs kill the friendly bacteria as well as the bad, thus leaving you open to the possibility of more sickness.

Vaccines are for a virus; penicillin kills bacteria. Vitamin C, hot herbs and good nutrition are for the common cold.

Yet before there were traditional doctors, there was Silver. Silver is one of the oldest known, anti-microbial agents known to man, and has been proven effective against more than 650 strains of bacteria! That is the silver Market claim, not the claim of this company


Basic Building Blocks of Life

Capsules are better than rocks, because the minerals have been "chewed," or crushed to a powder. However, some capsules contain fillers or flow agents to get the powders into the capsule. Therefore, a 500 mg capsule may, or may not, contain 500 mg of a specific mineral or vitamin.


Dr. Linus Pauling, a two-time Nobel Laureate who spent 25 years researching Vitamin C, said:
"Without Minerals, Vitamins are Useless."



In 2006, We set out to bring the very highest quality nutritional supplements to people wanting to improve their own health. 

On our journey, we also learned that there are good vitamins, better vitamins and BEST vitamins and minerals. Unfortunately, there are also poisons (examples: Fluoride, Mercury, Aspartame) sold as ingredients in children's chewable and flavored vitamins and minerals.  There are those who add any ingredient to make a buck, and then there are those that insist on quality.

Why Choose Us?

None of our current staff members are doctors and so we do not give medical advice. We do, at times however, share nutritional success stories of our customers and how they have used certain minerals or supplements to better their lives. We're proud and extremely happy to say we've had a lot of success stories, and that's because we've been able to help so many people.

At Healthshop 101 we are all about bringing you premium products every time. We love selling nutritional supplements, and we do it well. We have challenged ourselves to be the best in the business and we continually strive towards this. All of the vitamin or mineral benefits and deficiency symptoms we share are generic for each and every vitamin or mineral. No product claims are being made or implied.

Our business operates guided by the following values:

    • Quality:At Healthshop 101, we have a passion for living with maximum health and wellness. Therefore, it is integral to our business that our products meet the highest standards possible, ensuring our customers receive the very best, every time they order.
    • Integrity: We believe that we have an obligation and responsibility to our customers, our suppliers and to the entire wellness industry. Our word truly matters to us, and backing up what we say has built a strong reputation and brand.
    • Knowledge:After years spent learning about the wellness and nutritional supplement industries, our experience and knowledge is second-to-none. We keep our finger on the pulse of these markets in order to continuously expand and share our knowledge with our customers. Research is critical and ongoing.
    • Reliability: Simply stated, Healthshop 101 is committed to professional excellence. We embrace industry best practices so that we can deliver the highest caliber of products at the most reasonable prices, each and every time you place an order with us.
  • Partnership: The sum of all of our values helps us build long lasting, valued and trusted relationships. We work hard to instill in the minds and hearts of our clients, the understanding that they are the lifeblood of our business. was created to provide the very best nutritional supplements, from our family to yours!

March 1, 2018 Healthshop101 became a
Division of Angstrom Minerals