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Vanadium Supplements

Angstrom Minerals Vanadium

Vanadium was shown to be an essential trace mineral in 1971. It inhibits cholesterol synthesis followed by decreased plasma levels of cholesterol. The body needs vanadium for proper regulation of the circulatory system it also Mimics insulin, Stimulates glucose oxidation, Regulates the circulatory system.

In 1971 vanadium was proven to be an essential trace mineral.  It's not easily absorbed in the intestinal tract; therefore, the form in which we ingest vanadium is crucial.  About 90 percent of vanadium ingested is excreted through the kidneys.  It is a non-platinum metal and dietary micronutrient.  Vanadium stimulates blood sugar (glucose) oxidation and beneficial for glucose tolerance problems like hypoglycemia, diabetes, and hyperinsulinemia.  A large body of research has been devoted to diabetes mellitus that suggests that vanadium could be therapeutic due to its activity on insulin secretion and insulin mimicking properties.  "Vanadium appears to function like insulin by altering cell membrane function for ion transport processes, therefore vanadium has a very beneficial effect for humans especially those with glucose tolerance problems.

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