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B-12 Pow Vitamin B Complex, By Angstrom Minerals

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Get the B vitamins for a power packed punch of energy. B vitamins help the body create energy. In an easy dropper bottle.

Name: B-12 POW

Use: May promote natural energy, supports increased focus

Dosage: 1 ml

Servings Per container: 60


B2  1.7 mg

B3  20 mg NE

B6  3 mg

B12  1.2 mcg

B5  20 mg

Other ingredients: water, glycerin, sorbitol, citric acid, stevia, natural raspberry flavor, potassium sorbate


Note: Angstrom minerals dos not claim these vitamin, herbs & minerals solve or cure anything. We follow popular belief that these ingredients may help. No research has been done by Angstrom Minerals to support these beliefs.