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Ionic Basics

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  Our Ionic Basics in both A.M. & P.M. are specifically formulated for maintaining the body's basic mineral needs. The unique blended combination of minerals in both the A.M. & P.M. have been known to provide the body with it's basic needs and help optimize good health. Angstrom Minerals' process provides a delivery system for superior mineral nutrition with maximum absorption and assimilation. 

  Every single biological process requires multiple essential nutrients. Our Ionic Basics delivers the essential minerals you need, directly absorbed, through the cell wall to fortify your body against serious deficiencies and conditions. Angstrom minerals' process, combines each mineral with water molecules which optimizes mineral absorption and enables vital nutrients to efficiently cross the blood-brain barrier, enabling neuron structure and function. The level of each ingredient is calculated to maintain the natural ratios of nutrients which your body needs and are critical to promote optimal nutrition and vitality. Experience a revitalizing new level of well being with Angstrom's Ionic Basics!

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Sale price $32.95 Regular price $34.95 Sale