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Germanium Supplements

Angstrom Minerals Germanium

Germanium is necessary for the optimum nutrition of the human body. This element is amazing as it raises the level of activity of various organs by enabling them to attract more oxygen. It is responsible for providing more oxygen to the body as well as expelling harmful pollutants and pathogens or rendering them harmless. Germanium's immune properties, which include inducing interferon, macrophages, T suppressor cells, and enhancing natural killer cell activity, suggest that germanium may play a significant role in disease treatment. Germanium is considered to be a non-essential element; however, little is still known about its significance for living organisms. Germanium has long been considered a therapeutic agent with anticancer, antitumor, antiaging, antiviral and anti-inflammatory effects. Numerous clinical studies have explored the promising therapeutic effects of organic germanium on cancer, arthritis and senile osteoporosis.

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