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32 oz. Z-Mag, Angstrom Magnesium and Zinc supplement

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Z-Mag a unique blend of Zinc & Magnesium

Can I Take Magnesium & Zinc Together?

     Yes! Taken together, and in the right dosages, Magnesium and Zinc work to each other’s advantage. In fact, they work so well together that you’ll find a lot of oral supplements (tablets, capsules etc.) that combine the two. Because all nutrients are in competition your body needs the right conditions to absorb them. Some minerals have mutual benefits, while some curb each other’s level of absorption. This is known as bioavailability. Because Angstrom Minerals are more bioavailable than any pill we decided to create a special blend of these two important minerals so you get the best absorption possible. 

Magnesium helps your body regulate its zinc levels, while zinc enables it to absorb magnesium more efficiently.


There are many benefits of magnesium, not only that it is an essential mineral your body needs. Taking magnesium supplements can help to ensure your body functions as it should, help you sleep well, and recover from exercise. Magnesium has a multitude of benefits. Magnesium:

  • allows for restful sleep
  • reduces fatigue
  • relieves muscle tension
  • aids muscle recovery
  • repairs skin, keeping it flexible and supple
  • strengthens bones
  • contributes to metabolism, the functioning of the nervous system and protein synthesis

Being deficient in magnesium can make you feel fatigued and lead to more broken sleep. Sleep supplements often contain magnesium for its benefits in this area.


Your body needs zinc to grow, develop and maintain itself. The mineral is a trace element present in every one of your cells. Knowing how much zinc you should take is important to helping the mineral carry out its vital jobs in the body.

There are many ways zinc benefits important functions in your body, including:

  • producing enzymes that catalyze vital chemical reactions
  • processing protein, carbohydrates and fat in food
  • helping to heal wounds
  • boosting immune system function
  • supporting protein and DNA synthesis
  • maintaining bones
  • playing a role in the growth and division of cells

Z-mag contains

Zinc 500 ppm / Magnesium 3000 ppm

Angstrom Minerals are Ionic Minerals

Dosage: 2 tbs or 1 ounce or 6 tsp

Taste: Both Magnesium and Zinc are slightly bitter

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