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Liquid Sodium Supplement

Sodium is NOT Salt!

It seams that every day doctors and the TV are screaming "watch your sodium !" Too much salt will give you high blood pressure. The truth is that salt is a mild poison to the body. But,the mineral sodium is not! The uneducated always fear the unknown. They spread the rumors of " I heard....". Chicken little heard the sky was falling... But it was not.

Time to learn the truth through simple chemistry. There are may types of salt. Sodium chloride is a salt. Potassium chloride is a salt, magnesium chloride is a salt. You see it is the combination with chloride that causes the problem. Simple chemistry reveals that one small change can mean poison or nutrient.

Co2 in you pop makes it fizz. Co in the air, if concentrated will kill you. It is the difference between carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.

Sodium is Important to the body
Sodium and phosphorus help metabolize fatty foods, meat and potatoes.

Sodium and Sulfur help control the body's humidity. They are also great for acid re-flux or heartburn. Sodium is one of the five minerals that alkalize the body. If you are over acid, you may need sodium.

Sodium is known as the "youth Element" because it promotes youthful, limber and flexible joints. Sodium is found everywhere in the body. Some symptoms may include cracking joints, fatigue, tired during the day, etc.

Don't grab for that salt shaker, sodium does not = salt ! Choose the best,
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