Real Minerals Do NOT Taste Like Chocolate!

Liquid Calcium Magnesium Mineral Supplement

OK! Everyone knows you need calcium, but calcium can be a little constipating. Magnesium is the bowel mover. This calcium magnesium mix is the perfect blend of calcium and magnesium in favor of magnesium 2:1. Just like found in your bones. You want to get your minerals in the form and ratio that nature provides.

Calcium helps in muscle contractions, while magnesium helps in over 300 enzymatic functions, to absorb calcium, vitamin c and assist other key functions of the body. Without enough magnesium, calcium cannot be used to perform work. Without enough calcium you may experience tooth decay, muscle spasms,leg and back cramps, brittle bones, rickets, poor growth, osteoporosis, and depression.

All health problems are a result of your body not having the mineral you need when you need it. If the mineral is present in the body, but does not have the helper mineral with it, it cannot perform. Deficiency of magnesium can result in not using the calcium you already have. Other symptoms may include heart spasms, nervousness, confusion, muscular excitability, and kidney stones, constipation and headaches. You would not smash out the check engine light on your car! Or run over the road sign that says danger! Winding road ! So why do you cover your headache with aspirin or other drugs? That is the light that says, "Hey! this body needs something!" A migraine is your body screaming for water and magnesium. Yes, I said water! Not liquids. So many times we hear that you should drink plenty of liquids. That is wrong. Gasoline is a liquid, oil is a liquid. You need pure, clean water. Other liquids are already loaded with baggage, whether it be sugar, salt or flavorings etc. Only clean water can flush the cell and help relieve headaches.

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