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Kids Liquid Multi-vitamin by Pure Kids

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Pure Kidz Liquid Multi-Vitamin is a full spectrum multiple vitamin, mineral, and anti-oxidant program that supplies a strong foundation for nutritional support.  Protect your children against nutritional deficiencies!

 It is difficult to find a good mult-vitamin you can trust these days for your children. With the fast pace we now live in and having the full schedules that we do, everything has moved into a convenient, fast food, and cheap way to survive. That isn't good enough for our kids! Now, you can get a full spectrum multi-vitamin, mineral, and anti-oxidant formula that will supply a strong foundation in nutritional support just for them in the PureKidz Liquid Multi-Vitamin. PureKidz is a fast absorbing liquid that also tastes good! In addition, it will also provide the vitamins and minerals your child needs to grow and develop, as well as helping with immune system support. The flavor is enhanced with the organic vita berry that is full of vitamin C, polyphenols, and anthocyanidins, and other organic acids that are naturally present in these fruits to assist in overcoming oxidative stress and free radical damage. PureKidz Liquid Multi-Vitamin is sugar free and contains no artificial sweeteners or flavors.