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ravintsara essential oil
Name: Ravintsara Essential Oil

Botanical Name: Cinnamomum camphora

Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled

Aroma Description: Minty, Spearmint smell

Country of Origin: Madagascar

Constituents:a-pinene , camphene,b-pinene,sabinene,b-myrcene,a-terpinene,limonene,b-phellandrene, 1,8-cineole, y-terpinene, terpinoline, b-caryopyllene, terpinene-4-ol, a-humulene, a-terpineol,b-cadinene

Ravintsara Essential Oil
100% Pure Essential Oil
Retail - $21.95 - Your Cost - $13.50
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Possible Uses:cold, flu, headache, stress, fear.

Safety Information:ravintsara is generally concidered safe. Use essential oils with care and learn about their healing properties.

Ravintsara is one of the great companion oils to the Eucalyptus family for fighting colds and the flu and any other type of mucus congestion. It is Anti-infectious, which means it healp to fight infection of any kind. An antiseptic, great for fighting germs and preventing the start of infection. Antispasmodic, it helps to stop muscle spasams after work out or while you are just sitting around.Expectorant, it helps to move the mucus from your system and reduce caughing. I guess you could say that it is an immune stimulant. Doing all of the things that may help the body fight off any thing that makes it sick or diseased.

While I believe that the main cause of head ache and migraines is a lack of water and nutrition, it can also be caused by stress. When you have the propper nutrition, you can deal with life a lot easier. If you have the propper nutrition and you still have head aches, you need to learn some skils to help you cope with life.

Essential Oils play an important role in creating an atmoshpere of relaxation and comfort. It is an atmosophere based on more than just smell. Because I don't really like the smell of ravintsara essential oil and some may find the smell of some essential oils repulsive.Note: bitter Herbs taste nasty, but are some of the strongest medicine. Some Essential oils stink, yes, I said it! Some Stink!. But those oils carry things that your brain needs. It is the constituents that enter the nose, then on to the brain that mimic hormones and other factors that create tranquilty and peace and allow the body to relax. Thus, Essential oils help the body to overcome stress.***

On this page we have both Ravintsara Essential Oil and Ravensara essential oil. They are NOT the Same. However, both are good for respitory problems. Ravintsara is a Cinnamomum camphora and Ravensara is Ravensara aromatica. The latin names are how you can tell different essential oils apart.

It is All Natural! A cold fighter and a muscle relaxer without groggy or slowing down of the thought process. Notice Ravintsara essential oil is 15 ml and Ravensara essential oil from Young Living is 5 ml. Healthshop101 oils save you money! no MLM Markup!

Pure Ravintsara Essential Oil
Notice: You get a lot more essential oil with brand oils because we are a small family owned business, not Multi Level Marketing

YOUNG Living Essential Oil Ravensara

Notice: Young Living Oils Cost more due to MLM.
Young Living essential oil is high quality. Dr Young Test everything so do not get me wrong, this stuff works.

We stock both Oils, Healthshop101 version and Young Living essential Oils

***Disclaimer: The statements regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses. All claims of the owner are from personal life experience and are not listed as advice or reccomendation. The author is not a doctor and does not prescribe.Educate yourself about Essential Oils before use.

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