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Angstrom Liquid Oxygen Drops

Oxygen Drops

4 oz Bottle

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Name: Angstrom Liquid Oxygen Drops

Country of Origin: Made in USA

Ingredients: Sodium Chlorite Solution

Strength: 32,000ppm

ppm Conversion: 32,000ppm = 160mg per tsp

Manufacturers Suggested Dosage: 2 - 10 drops per day

Oxygen Drops Dietary Supplement

A solution of oxygen stabilized by sodium chlorite. This liquid concentrate of electrolytes of oxygen are made available to your body in a molecular form which releases on contact with stomach acid. This oxidant is similar in its effect to that of hydrogen peroxide without the bad taste and gas. Great for those interested in providing extra oxygen to the body.

Once again, lets get down to the bottom of all of the marketing terms. Oxygen drops can be called several names: Stabilized Oxygen, Aerobic Oxygen or just Oxygen Drops. They are all the same.

How Do Oxygen Drops work?

Think back to your high school chemistry class. What is sodium chloride?
(an ingredient in oxygen drops). It looks like this NaCl. The Na is the symbol for sodium and cl is for chloride. In general, atoms try to fill their outer shell by attaching to other atoms and are only broken apart by a stronger bond, like digestion. Stomach acid makes the atoms in food break apart and become new atoms. Some are more useful in the body. We call them nutrients. They get passed to the blood stream and then to the cells. Oxygen drops help this breaking of atoms, helping the oxygen attach to some other atom and push it through the sysem.

All cells need oxygen. Contrary to the FDA claims they don't, cells do need oxygen. think about it! WHY DO WE BREATHE? The red blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body to aide in this exchange of electrons in the outer shell on minerals.

So does Oxygen drops put oxygen in your stomach? No, it facilitates the separation of your food so that the oxygen in the food can be released to attatch to other food atoms and continue the chemical reaction of trading electrons.

Some Other questions:

Will Oxygen Drops make me run faster and not get winded so easily?
No! while some others brands claim this, they misunderstand the reaction that is taking place. It will not do this.

Will Oxygen Drops make me breathe easier?
No, it does not effect the lungs.

All of the other common questions are anwered in this statement: If it is not scientifically proven through basic chemistry and seems too good to be true then it is probably a lie. I always keep in mind that just because I don't understand, it does not make it false. That is a real basic version of how it works. You will have to review your chemistry if you don't understand outer shell of atoms.

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