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Professional Grade Ionic Magnesium Oil Concentrate


8 oz bottle


Magnesium Oil

            Apply Magnesium right to the spot where needed with our easy application spray bottle!

Mineralife Magnesium Oil

  • From a pure elemental source-Naturally occurring ancient Permian Sea Deposits
  • Recommended method to quickly restore cellular levels of magnesium
  • Minimal particle size makes for rapid absorption and high availability
  • 8 sprays provides 960 mg of Magnesium Chloride (about 100mg of pure elemental Magnesium)
  • Can be used for pets as well!
Why apply a Topical Treatment? Our skin is the largest organ in our body. Although it's job is to protect the body in keeping fluids in, while keeping foreign substances out - the Mineralife's Magnesium Oil contains naturally orccurring Angstrom-sized particales which are small enough to absorb easily between the cells rapidly through the skin. Pamper yourself by adding this soothing magnesium oil to your bath water or a foot soak. Perfect for escaping the stress of the world for just 20-30 minutes! Safe to use on children. Just dilute 50/50 with filtered water.

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