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Angstrom Blood Support
Angstrom Liquid Boron
Angstrom Liquid Calcium
Angstrom Calcium Magnesium
Angstrom Liquid Chromium
Angstrom Liquid Cobalt
Angstrom Liquid Copper
Angstrom Liquid Germanium
Angstrom Liquid Gold
Angstrom Liquid Iodine
Angstrom Liquid Iron
Angstrom Liquid Magnesium
Angstrom Liquid Manganese
Angstrom Liquid Molybdenum
Oxygen Drops
Angstrom Liquid Phosphorus
Angstrom Liquid Platinum
Angstrom Liquid Potassium
Angstrom Liquid Selenium
Angstrom Liquid Silica
Angstrom Liquid Silver
Angstrom Liquid Sodium
Angstrom Liquid Sulfur
Angstrom Liquid Vanadium
Angstrom Liquid VCZ
Angstrom Liquid Zinc
Angstrom Mineral Information and Reference Guide
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Silver Nasal Spray
Zinc Throat Spray
Angstrom Morning Basics
Angstrom Evening Basics
Angstrom Reflux
Angstrom Relax
Thyrolo Spray
Pro-line Minerals
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Super Magnesium
Super Potassium
Super Silver
Super Sulfur
Super Zinc
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Miracle Mag
Power Potassium
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Angstrom Minerals
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MSRP ( suggested Retail) pricing

Here at Healthshop101 we provide some of the best supplements available. As dealers of these products we are subject to their terms and conditions for selling their product.

We have been selling Angstrom minerals at a discounted price and have been notified that we must raise the price to MSRP prices or loose our distributorship. The current MSRP is listed by most products in red. Thus , as of January 1 2018, we will be raising the price to meet that standard. This is a large increase on some of the minerals and not so much on others.

We suggest that you stock up before New Years to get the best pricing. Please allow a little extra shipping time as we will be swamped with orders during these holidays

The Healthshop101 Team

Discounts and Coupons

The purpose of coupons is to track our advertising dollar so that we may best use our advertising budget. Coupons are offered from time to time on social networks, post cards and other ONLINE channels. These coupons are for ONLINE orders. Phone operators do not have a system that allows for these coupons to be applied.

  • As of Juanuary 1, 2018 we will be required to sell Angstrom Minerals at full MSRP
  • Healthshop101 offers a return customer discount on your future purchases.
  • Return customer coupon is located on the bottom of each receipt & on Thank You page at Checkout.

    In order to continue offering these products at a discount, we must limit coupons to one per order. Choose the coupon that best fits your order. Yes the system will allow more than one coupon. We rely on customer integrity to only use one coupon. Otherwise we will have to raise prices to cover the intallment of a new shopping cart that forces customers to only use one coupon.

    Be Sure to click the recalculate button !

    We cannot ship orders with insufficient postage!
    Orders with more than one coupon will be cancelled.

    Free shipping promotion has now ended.
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