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Angstrom Liquid Calcium Mineral Supplement!

Angstrom Calcium

1500 ppm concentration

Professional Use Calcium See Below

4500 ppm Super Calcium

Name: Angstrom Liquid Calcium

Country of Origin: Made in USA

Ingredients: Calcium, Reverse Osmosis Water

Taste: Mild Mineral Water Taste.

Strength: 1500ppm

ppm Conversion:
1500ppm = 7.5 mg per tsp

Manufacturers Suggested Dosage: 1/2 - 1 oz

What is the best form of Calcium? It would be one that does not require digestion. Calcium that is absorbed on a cellular level. It would not be in a tablet form like a rock. Capsuled calcium is good, but a liquid form is better. Colloidal is small, but requires digestion. Angstrom size calcium is absorbable on the cellular level.

Our Liquid Calcium Mineral Supplement is smaller than colloidal calcium, others are not. If you were to compare other calcium brands, it would be like a BB in a beach ball.

You would not eat a rock! Then why eat calcium carbonate? Coral calcium is exactly that. The calcium left over that forms coral, or rocks on the reef.

While all calcium products have some benefit, Angstrom Liquid Calcium Mineral Supplement is the most absorbable Calcium supplement on the market 99.9% It Starts to enter your body as soon as you put it in your mouth. Other forms of calcium like Calcium citrate, Calcium carbonate and others must go through the digestion process first in order to be small enough to enter your cells. Get The Most Calcium for Your DOLLAR!

Deficiency Symptoms
Brain Fatigue
Bone Softening
Lung Problems
Aches & Pains
Digestive Disorders
Excessive Sweating
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Stop Being Tired

Our minerals are: Cell Ready, Ionic Minerals, and Water-Soluble Minerals
Cell Ready = assimilated into the human cell, not just the blood stream
Ionic = possesses an electrical charge
Water Soluble = mineral angstrom sized particles in an aqueous solution
Calcium - Dietary Supplement

Calcium is used in forming bones, also known as bone mineralization, and in the proper formation and maintenance of teeth. It is important in nerve impulse transmission, blood coagulation, and muscle contraction.

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